who we are

Set in the middle of a Balinese village, with a view of mystical Mount Batukaru, two new and exclusive projects – one, an animal sanctuary and vegetable garden, and the other, a lodge, nestled in the middle of a verdant forest – merge to become LODGEINTHEWOODS.

At LODGEINTHEWOODS, we respect nature wherever possible – taking from the ocean only what we need, planting trees, preserving the forest, plus a litany of other efforts. 

animal sanctuary

The story begins with a shelter for rescued horses and goats – these animals are showered with love and are untethered, free to roam in their spacious enclosures. guests are encouraged to live and breathe amongst these beautiful animals, but above all respect that any interactions must be accompanied by a keeper – horses are especially sensitive to stimuli and warrant extra care.

vegetable garden

The vegetable garden shares the farm with the animals, in more ways than one – no chemicals are used, but animal waste is converted to valuable organic fertilizer.

the lodge

six well-appointed rooms on a separate property adjacent to the farm. Simple concrete structures that blend with their natural surroundings of majestic trees.